Our management employees are all graduate and well trained and specifically qualified in their field. All have several years and ample experience in the seismic industry, both onshore and offshore.



Gunnar Brastein, Project Manager / Partner

Gunnar Brastein has an electronics and maritime background. He has worked in the seismic industry since 1981. In addition to running the business Gunnar, fills offshore positions when needed as Party Chief and Client Rep and Rig moves.

Gunnar Brastein, Strøket 8, N-1383 Asker
Phone: +47 41921470.


Andre Toerring, Project Manager / Partner 

Andre Toerring is an Electronics graduate with over 10 years experience in deep water marine seismic. In addition to running the business Andre, fills offshore positions as Party Chief and Client Rep.

Luksefjellveien 1, N-3716 Skien. P.O.Box 202, N-3701 Skien.
Phone: +47 41221880.


Jan Ask, Senior Associated Partner

Jan Ask has an electronics background and has worked 12-years as Party Chief in Geoteam, PGS and TGS-Nopec before being one of three founders of Scanseis in 2003. From 2006 Jan has worked as vessel manager for Fugro-Geoteam and CGG. Jan in now acting  as special consultant for Scanseis – working both onshore as well as offshore.


Mike Boepple, Sales Consultant Houston - USA