Client Rep

Marine Seismic QA/QC were ScanSeis have experience from: 2D, 3D, 4D, 4C, OBC cables and nodes, circle shooting, over/under cables and most kinds of experimental seismic.

Surveys have taken place in North Sea, Atlantic Margin, Arctic areas, Mediterranean, West-Africa, East-Africa, SE-Asia, Australia/NZ, East-Asia, North-America and South-America.

ScanSeis Consulting Group AS provides highly qualified and professional personnel for seismic vessels, primarily to act as an oil company representative aboard and quality controller (Client rep.).

Quality controller can be supplied with Promax operator and Paramedic / Ship Doctor as a package deal.

In partnership with Multiseis in UK, we will deliver "MULTISEIS and MULTISTUDIO" quality control program with  Hardware, for checking of navigational data onboard
plus daily logs and survey reporting. Click here for more info

We are very safety conscious and will make sure the vessel will carry out its mission in a safe and secure manner, at a competitive price.

We focus on the "surveys" are conducted in accordance with the client's technical specifications and parameters in a cost effective manner. Our key qualifications: working systematically, effectively and take initiative. Has great capacity for work and are outgoing and flexible.