​​Company information

ScanSeis Consulting Group AS is a well established consultancy company that offers experience and expertise to the offshore survey industry. Our team of highly qualified consultants are able to QC offshore survey operations including deepwater seismic operations - 2d, 3d, 4d, 4c, nodes, high resolution survey and rig moves. In addition we offer personnel to the seismic industry. From our offices in Skien, Norway we manage our field based consultants and seismic personnel worldwide.


We aim to provide client reps of the highest order to all aspects of the offshore survey industry. Our consultants are highly qualified and have a vast range of experience that has enabled us to bid on all manner of qc and seismic work. 

Scanseis has started well, and the certainty of future projects is excellent. In Norway the position of Scanseis in the market is unique. In addition, international companies seem to prefer using Norwegians because of the high standard of quality given. Our feedback confirms the need for a more dynamic crew onboard seismic vessels. In other words, a more extensive use of consulting/crewing companies and therefore more contracts for Scanseis. The rapid growth of Scanseis has confirmed our belief that on the whole the Seismic Exploration Industry is moving away from company employed personnel into the contractor market whole scale. We have benefited with being in the right place at the right time with the right idea. 

We started with 3 consultants on the books and April 2003 saw our first commission. We had a tremendous first year, far exceeding our wildest aspirations. 

Having celebrated our ten year anniversary, we currently have a large number of personnel covering all categories in our database. At present we have personnel working for several of the leading oil and seismic companies worldwide.​ ​