Global Memberships


The Achilles Group - is the leading global provider of supplier management services. 

EAGE ( - The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers is a professional organization for geoscientists and engineers, established in 1951 with a worldwide membership.

SEG ( - The Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a learned society dedicated to promoting the science and education of exploration geophysics in particular and geophysics in general.

IECO ( International Energy Consultants Organisation (IECO) acts as a forum for companies and individuals who are providing consultancy as their main business in the many fields of geoscience survey and HSE within the Energy industry.

EPIM JQS -  EPIM Joint Qualification System, is a supplier register and a service that supports the qualification of suppliers.

Norwep ( - Norwegian Energy Partners. Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is an organisation with a clearly defined objective: to support and assist in the internationalisation of the Norwegian energy industry. We are acting as a catalyst for processes between Norwegian industry and international businesses and governments. be updated ...